360 Approach

Engage. Execute. Ensure.

A full-circle strategic development approach, that bolsters your Brands Retail Marketing presence.



TWM360 pulls from multiple data points to ensure we know everything there is to know before the start of design. Market research, the competitive landscape, retailer guidelines, demographics and target markets are all things that play a critical role in the development of a display.


The latest in 3D modeling and rendering programs are used to present ideations. Our team of designers can assist with brand presentations, graphic development, animations and user experiences.


TWM360’s team of engineers use the latest SolidWorks 3D modeling programs to flush out every display detail. The team is experienced in multiple materials and processes including injection molding. Value engineering is present in every step of the process ensuring we are meeting quality expectations at the best price point. A partnership with UL ensures that we can meet any UL certification requirements.

Proof Of Concept

TWM360 ensures proof of concept for every selected design through the creation of foam core mockups, rapid prototypes or traditional production models.  The in-house model shop works through all aspects of a prototype from building and finishing to packing and crating for shipment.  TWM360 ensures what is rendered is what is produced.


TWM360 provides multiple types of prototypes including mockups, white models, working models and finished models allowing us to manage costs and avoid costly reworks.

Project Planning

Dedicated teams are assigned to plan and manage every aspect of a project including testing/training, product security, QA/QC processes, KPI reports and instruction sheets.

Timeline Management

Managing the timeline, from supply chain monitoring, to real-time production reports, to delivery and installation schedules, is critical for all projects.

Data Reporting

A custom designed portal gives all project stakeholders full visibility to project tasks, shipping details, inventory levels and parts orders. Our clients are able to find data quickly and place orders seamlessly.




On-line systems are used for strict quality control procedures that are customized for every project. Every project part or component is assigned a barcode which must be scanned prior to generating shipping paperwork to ensure 100% accurate shipments. Staffing levels are expandable to accommodate varying project timelines.

Product Integration

Product lock-up areas are used to secure client supplied product. TWM360’s teams are experienced with electronic, lighting and general product integration. Strict QC processes are in place to ensure all electronics and integrated products are fully functional prior to shipping.


Shipping and logistics are key to every project. If it doesn’t arrive on-time and fully functional, it doesn’t meet our standards. TWM360 offers multiple shipping services from white glove delivery and global distribution to pick and pack services to direct-to-store or shipping to a DC. Internal KPIs are monitored on an on-going basis to ensure performance levels.


TWM360 offers full installation services form our 3PL partners. Our services include labor assist, full installation teams, on-site team training, and video instruction sheets. Proof of installation through photography and project checklists are provided.

Compliance Auditing

Our clients get peace of mind knowing that TWM360 has confirmed the display is delivered on-time, installed correctly and in the correct location.

Inventory Management

On-site warehousing space allows TWM to manage fulfillment programs for our clients. A client portal provides access to inventory reports, product re-order points, and on-demand shipping information.

Replacement Part(s) Fulfillment

On-line fulfillment services are available and customized to each client. From individual parts to full displays, on-line ordering allows for authorization levels, approval requirements and maximum order volumes, each set by our client on a per project basis.

Lifecycle Optimization

Field monitoring allows an understanding of the current state of the display. TWM360 looks at a repair versus replace scenario to ensure you are getting the most value out of your display for the least financial impact. Electronics can be returned, refurbished and added to client inventory.