Best Buy HEET Wall

A Full Wall Installation Display, with TV and Audio Controls

QUANTITY: All National Retail Locations


Hisense, a prominent global brand, partnered with TWM360 to showcase their new line of TV’s at Best Buy for 2024. The winning design needed to convery a modern, sleek showcase for the product, while maintaining new brand identity requirements within a family of new fixtures. The display solution provides the customer with a rich audio and video experience, intuitive controls, appealing graphics, and strong branding.


To accommodate Best Buy fixture variations, TWM created a single design that is adaptable for various store configurations. Our in-house staff of designers, engineers, and model makers prototyped and tested components on actual Best Buy fixtures set in a mock retail environment. At TWM Best Buy guidelines were followed closely in the process to ensure compliance with lighting temperature, lumens, material selection, finishes, and ease of access to service items such as media players, data hubs, and wiring.


A single pallet shipped directly to Best Buy stores resulted in reduced shipping costs and no lost parts. Hisense gained prominent positioning on the wall establishing them as a go-to brand for consumers seeking high-quality and affordable televisions.

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