Family of Display Units

After rebranding, Kerasilk approached TWM360 to design 5 unique retail display units.

QUANTITY: 20777 – over 5 display types


The Kerasilk brand was relaunching as a stand alone luxury master brand. TWM360 was asked to produce a family of displays that would directly target consumers in salons through an overall luxury lifestyle aesthetic. The displays had to represent a luxury look and feel and appear as a cohesive set offering different configurations and uses.


TWM360 chose premium materials such as clear acrylic and used second surface printing for logos and lifestyle graphics. The brand name was etched into the acrylic for a premium look. Several configurations of displays included bookends to frame a space on-shelf, a product tray, a travel display, and various platform style pieces. The white color and gloss finish of the acrylic complimented the luxury product. The project shipped worldwide to 7 different countries.


The display family provided the luxury look and feel of the brand. It was well received by salons across the globe and allowed Kerasilk to gain premium space. The shape of the various pieces allowed for compact shipping saving the brand money as it shipped worldwide.

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