Marchon Dragon

Dragon Eyewear Premium Cabinet

A high-end Premium Cabinet for Dragon brand sunglasses and ski googles



Marchon had specialty retailers that needed a premium display cabinet to house both their Dragon brand sunglasses and ski goggles. The mix of product varied widely per retail location which meant the display had to be very flexible allowing for multiple configurations. A high-end look that complimented their products and emphasized the brand was crucial.


TWM360 created a custom, acrylic holder that worked with all of the sun-glasses and ski goggles as well as provided an area for the product card. To create a premium presence, the display has running video and lighting to emphasize the products. Locking glass doors allowed the products to be secure and a storage area was provided for additional product and product holders.


The new product holder was unlike any previous versions. It allowed greater flexibility for products and planograms. The clear color put the emphasis on the product. Retailers noted that the cabinet was a nice upgrade from previous displays and more in-line with the premium product it held.

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