Flexible Shelf Organizer for Seasonings

A simple yet extremely functional and visual design that changed the spice aisle in every grocery chain nationwide.

QUANTITY: 500,000+ Modules


The spice section in most supermarkets can be visually confusing and McCormick needed a way to eliminate that challenge. They needed a shelf system that made the shopping experience easier for the customer, was adaptable to fit their wide variety of products and container sizes and offered retailers individual modules that could be easily removed, repositioned or inserted elsewhere on the grocery shelf. The also wanted the system to be designed in modular fashion: scalable from small independent stores to large, full service grocery chains. TWM360 needed to be prepared to handle fulfillment rollouts, including weekly challenges for large and small demands of store resets.


A modular, gravity feed cassette assures automatic stock rotation and highly efficient re-stocking by store personnel. A common ‘S’ track was used for all products, providing for all widths and lengths and eliminating the effects of twisting and jamming that could occur and cause the unit to fail.


McCormick’s merchandising teams can create a custom look by simply changing plastic pins and doors. This unit can act as a standalone module system or a shared wall program. This program increased stores sales and kept the McCormick brand prominent to ensure consumer loyalty.

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