Orbi® WiFi, Free standing Display Unit

A premium display unit to convey the high quality of the Orbi product, while educating the consumer on its features and benefits.



Netgear needed to showcase that their product was a premium offering in the category. In doing this they needed a premium display to convey the high quality of Orbi. It also needed to educate the consumers on features, advantages and benefits in an intuitive way. TWM360’s creative and estimating teams were challenged to design a premium, high-end display that maintained the budget Netgear had in place. Netgear wanted a display that would stand out on the floor of Best Buy and be a destination for shoppers to delve into. The unit had to be noticeable from a shopper’s line-of-site at any part of the store. Product had to be showcased in a lower two shelf cabinet. It also needed to have two different footprints, 10” and 18” deep to accommodate different formats such as freestanding or fitted to the deck of a gondola, with minimal assembly.


After several rounds of prototyping, the display was finalized by Netgear and Best Buy. The premium lighting effect was created in three different ways. A soft light that accented the main riser graphic and bright but diffused lighting under the product created a glowing pool on the platform base, creating the illusion of a museum piece. Backlit, laser cut lettering of “Better Wi-Fi, Everywhere” was a dramatic addition to the riser and made it 3 dimensional. The display was rounded out with a high definition 18” monitor to run the looping content to attract and educate the shopper.


The reaction from the retailers, shoppers and Netgear personnel was extremely positive. There has been a significant lift in sales.

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