What Sets Us Apart

For every display, dress-up kit, fixture, and retail environment, TWM360 provides a complete 360° look at your retail strategy to ensure all the marketing touchpoints are considered in delivering an engaging shopper experience.

Our Experience

Translating retail strategy into shopper experiences has been our mission for over 50 years. Our award-winning team leverages cutting edge technology, the latest trends as well as in-depth shopper insights, allowing us to maintain our leadership position that delivers results.


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Custom Portal

TWM360 offers a custom designed portal to monitor projects from beginning to post installation. Projects can be monitored pre-delivery to track project progress, monitor assigned tasks, notify stakeholders of deliverables, and see shipping progress. Post delivery uses include monitoring display installation and compliance, inventory management, spare parts ordering and delivery, display health, and part low inventory notifications.

Barcoding System to ensure 100% accurate shipments

TWM360 has developed an internal barcoding system allowing for the tracking of component parts to ensure every shipment is 100% accurate. Each component part is assigned a barcode at the beginning of production. When the display reaches the final quality control station, each barcode must be scanned which then logs it into inventory. Finished goods cannot ship and a shipping label cannot be generated if barcode criteria is not met.

Quality Control system

A pre-determined, customized set of inspection criteria is established as part of the production plan for every project. Four categories of criteria (critical inspection, aesthetic, function, and structure) are used to create the automated checklist. Any failures immediately trigger an e-mail alert that is sent to production, quality control, engineering, and management teams. Production cannot proceed until the issue has been addressed to everyone’s satisfaction.

In addition, comprehensive assembly stations are created using both 2D and 3D examples of the constructed component for that station. All electronic and lighting components are tested prior to assembly.

Brands That Trust Us

Client Testimonials

Over 20+ years of collaboration and success. Integrity, Honesty, Trust and People are all the reasons we choose TWM!
As a preferred Global supplier, Trans World has designed and manufactured over ten thousand Microsoft retail displays since 2017. They consistently execute projects at the level expected of this exclusive group of our suppliers. Moreover, Trans World understands the realities of budget, timing and retailer requirements to provide a seamless translation of Microsoft’s needs to a bulletproof retail solution.
TWM is professional and a pleasure to work with. As with any display project, there are unexpected challenges, and TWM always finds a way to not only resolve the issue, but improve upon it, while maintaining the integrity of the concept. Great customer service! I highly recommend them.
Trans World Marketing are truly fantastic partners!! The quality of their display’s and the customer service that is received surpasses all expectations. Glad to be apart of their team and making retail spaces comes to life.
McCormick has partnered with Trans World for over 15 years. Their efficiency in executing programs, creative solutions, along with their customer service has been second to none. They are a trusted vendor who truly feels like a partner.